Dinner Jacket oldie!


Way way back, I used to photograph for an online mag named The Dinner Jacket. Spearheaded by some two gorgeous and spirited ladies (special shout out to Justyna Andrzejak!) this small and eager publication gave me loads of very good experience. I came across this image a while back and had to post (cover for the feb 2009 issue – Heartbreak).



A wonderfully written article by Sarah Beck appears in this month’s Blackflash magazine! It offers an insightful look into past work and is a personal feather in the ole cap as I love this publication. Click on the cover… rush to your nearest (well stocked and artsy) newstand!

Blow-up dolls


Just a quick shot of an image I had set-up after shooting Anniversaire from my Dionne series a while back… a kind of visual construction that has me very interested lately…

Une image faite plutôt par plaisir que j’ai crée suite au shoot pour Anniversaire (de la série Dionne)… un esthétique/assemblage qui m’intrigue énormément ces derniers temps…

Big in Japan

Orpheline is a proud Jury Selection (Art Division) for the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival! Please check out the other selected artists and award winners here! (and please excuse the use of “big in japan”… It had to be done, it couldn’t be helped.)

_MG_1023And here is an image of me receiving the news… because I always sit around half-naked looking intensely in the distance while holding on to my trusty broom. That’s a regular wednesday night right there.