I Heart Eye Buy Art


So happy to announce that some of my work will be available through Eye Buy Art! Founded by Emily McInnes, this online gallery gives people various sizes and price points to choose from, making art accessible and maybe even a little friendly! Plus, it’s stuffed to its sweet smelling gills with amazing artists! Plus, it’s all photographic work! What what what!? That’s right, I feel you getting flush, I can sense your clicky finger twitching…

You have reached your Final Destination!


So it’s that time of year again when the summer quickly disappears as I feverishly, sweatily, pantingly (sometimes pantless-ly) complete my upcoming Ottawa Nuit Blanche project On Air! Curiously, I will be dealing with air disaster again, this time focusing on airplane crashes both real and imagined. Come on down and please remain in your seats at the Plaza Bridge Underpass September 20th… I will remind you that this is a non-smoking installation (hardi har har).

Dinner Jacket oldie!


Way way back, I used to photograph for an online mag named The Dinner Jacket. Spearheaded by some two gorgeous and spirited ladies (special shout out to Justyna Andrzejak!) this small and eager publication gave me loads of very good experience. I came across this image a while back and had to post (cover for the feb 2009 issue – Heartbreak).



A wonderfully written article by Sarah Beck appears in this month’s Blackflash magazine! It offers an insightful look into past work and is a personal feather in the ole cap as I love this publication. Click on the cover… rush to your nearest (well stocked and artsy) newstand!