Go towards the Structured Light


On the 1st of November, I moderated a talk for le Labo with the poised, intelligent and innovative Philippe Blanchard at Glendon Gallery, currently the site of his installation Structured Light/Lumière concrète. We had a delightful discussion surrounding his overall practice and… What’s this? A little late to post you say?… I agree!… but you also complain too much. Now, for all of you with Halloween hangovers that couldn’t make it nor watch the Livestream, fret not! Philippe’s eye candy installation is still up and pulsating until the 22nd of November.

Cabinet de Curiosité : Encan du Labo le 19 Novembre!

Le oeuvres que vous voyez ci-dessus, ainsi qu’une foule d’autres par 23 artistes, seront disponibles ce mercredi lors de l’encan silencieux organisé par le Labo au Artscape Triangle Gallery. Veux, veux pas, Nöel approche… faite certain, mes chères amis, que ceux que vous aimez ont le meilleur… le plus beau… que ce soit une oeuvre d’art, et non l’étoile, qui brille le plus fort auprès de l’arbre.

Pour les moins aimables dans votre vies… tu trouvera ce que tu peux la veille.


The works you see above, as well as thirty others by amazing, talented and possibly sexy artists, will be available for purchase this wednesday (tomorrow!) at le Labo‘s silent auction held this year at Artscape Triangle Gallery.

Give the gift of art to loved ones, dear ones… as for the lesser people in your lives, you can panic shop on the 24th.

38 Abell, Toronto, On

Nov. 19th – 6-9pm / 19 Nov. 18h-21h

Alive!… on cloud nine

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Despite the theme of disaster yet again at this year’s Nuit Blanche it was smooth sailings with very little casualties.

I would love to thank SAW Video, Christopher Rohdes, Kenneth Wrner, Adam Brown and Michael Caffrey for their amazing, over-the-top support and “that’s what she said” comments. A team that will be hard to beat!

Best of luck to Brendan de Montigny and the wonderful PDA projects,  where I gave an artist talk, the gallery’s very first!

And, last but not least, thanks to everyone that came out to get freaked out. I love you, each and every one!

Start spreading the news… Affordable Art Fair New York!


Any excuse to use terrible headers (but what’s new) and put up an image of Liza!  If you head over to the New York Affordable Art Fair’s website you’ll see La jeune veuve from Les Filles du Roi right smack on home page, spinning in a lovely carousel of fine images from fine artists. Eye Buy Art will be there with yours truly’s work along with some other lovely, fine and lovely gems. Lovely. Take it away Liza!


I Heart Eye Buy Art


So happy to announce that some of my work will be available through Eye Buy Art! Founded by Emily McInnes, this online gallery gives people various sizes and price points to choose from, making art accessible and maybe even a little friendly! Plus, it’s stuffed to its sweet smelling gills with amazing artists! Plus, it’s all photographic work! What what what!? That’s right, I feel you getting flush, I can sense your clicky finger twitching…

You have reached your Final Destination!


So it’s that time of year again when the summer quickly disappears as I feverishly, sweatily, pantingly (sometimes pantless-ly) complete my upcoming Ottawa Nuit Blanche project On Air! Curiously, I will be dealing with air disaster again, this time focusing on airplane crashes both real and imagined. Come on down and please remain in your seats at the Plaza Bridge Underpass September 20th… I will remind you that this is a non-smoking installation (hardi har har).